brand awareness and provide a unique shopping experience

Planning, creative and design

The fresh and innovative Heidia Studio provides a variety of creative solutions, from concept design to implementation at points of sale. Our creative team is comprised of talented designers from a variety of fields, including graphic design, 3D design, product design, space and exhibit design, digital, and more.

Our team of designers accompanies the client in creative thinking and creative solutions designed to maximize point of sale exposure and effectivity. By cleverly incorporating numerous materials adapted to the point of sale, paired with understanding of the visibility language, we are able to create and design distinctively present elements for maximal effect.

Sales system

Heidia’s sales system is made up of two department: the pharma department specializes in visibility and commercialization of cosmetics, toiletries, healthcare and OTC; the retail department specializes in visual commercialization for FMCGs such as food chains, convenience stores, banks, cellular, fashion and more.

procurement and production

Heidia’s acquisition and production department brings ideas to life by coordinating between the studio and logistics department, under extremely tight schedules, producing results of the highest possible quality. The procurement and production team harbors many years of experience in innovative and creative development of elements, their operation and adaptation to the field. Through countless hours, the department has achieved high standards in management, responsibility and quality control.

Field control

Heidia’s field control system samples company activities in order to identify and amend deficiencies. These allow us to rate our installers in order to improve the quality of the installation, wherever necessary.

Trainings and seminars

We believe in constant studying and enrichment of our team, with the intent of increasing professionalism and know-how on both the employee and company levels. Our carefully planned trainings and seminars allow us, as a company, to always be one step ahead and bring our clients the latest and most advanced solutions.

The logistics department

Heidia’s logistics department is in charge of carrying out our clients’ campaigns. Made up of dozens of experienced, talented teams across the country, this division provides quick and effective response to client needs, always under the highest Heidia standards of quality. All teams undergo professional training, and are equipped with top of the line tools and methodologies.

Maintenance for the duration of the campaign

Continuous maintenance for the duration of the campaign, including repairs and replacements, when necessary.

Reporting center and customer service

The reporting center issues online performance and documentation reports from the field, using innovative field operations management software. The system allows for security assurances, providing customers with up-to-date reports from every point in the field. The service center responds to all client needs and issues, quickly and efficiently.